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The Early Days

Globally Nissan has a longstanding heritage in the commercial vehicle market that dates back to 1932. The Nissan brand presence in the LCV market has been built over the last seven decades and today Nissan boasts the most comprehensive commercial vehicle line-up in Africa.

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The previous Nissan half-ton pickup is a living legend. Highly versatile and functional, it proved to be the most hardworking and affordable half-tonner on the market. The Nissan NP200 range picks up where its predecessor left off, and brings a youthful energy to the line-up.



Nissan NP200 projects a no-nonsense attitude, effortlessly combining practical ruggedness with modern flair.

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Nissan Bright Silver
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The Inside Story

High quality trim, impressive levels of equipment and instrumentation combine comfort with safety and performance. Driver-friendly technologies include an air conditioner, power steering, audio system and central locking.

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The high quality aesthetical appeal offers the comfort and styling of a passenger vehicle while ensuring that the practicality and versatility consistent with a bakkie is not compromised.

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CD/MP3 audio system

The NP200 can keep you entertained while you are on the move. Work or play, your music can keep you company on the road.

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The NP200 boasts the largest interior cabin space in its class, along with plenty of versatile storage options so you can take everything you need along for the ride.

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The All-Rounder

As with the rest of the Nissan commercial vehicle range, the Nissan NP200 offers the highest levels of reliability, versatility and durability, in conjunction with the lowest possible levels of overall running and repair costs. Available in powerful and fuel efficient 1.6ℓ petrol and 1.5ℓ dCi engines.

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With three engine choices – an 8-valve petrol engine, 16-valve petrol engine, or our standard-setting K9K turbo diesel – the NP200 delivers the power you need to get the job done.


A leaf-sprung rear suspension setup provides optimum loadability. But since traditional live-axle leaf springs tend to reduce ride quality – especially while carrying a load – Nissan gave the NP200 a coilspring-supported H-shaped torsion bar at the back end, giving it a supple ride.

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Offering class-leading payload, volume and length, the NP200’s load box can handle nearly anything you can dish out. Plus, its specially designed tailgate can handle up to 300 kg – a feature usually reserved for much larger vehicles.


Power, control and efficiency are in the palm of your hand with the NP200’s 5-speed manual transmission. Short gear ratios for the first three gears offer impressive acceleration at low speeds and when fully loaded, while taller ratios in the top gears provide added fuel efficiency.


On board with safety

Crumple zones are engineered around impact resistance while the engine compartment is designed to stack up in frontal impact collisions. The restraint system includes 3-point seat belts; impact absorbent material underfoot in the dashboard and the doors provide hip and limb protection. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) prevents the wheels from locking.

Safety Shield-Vehicle Feature Image
Safety Shield

In the commitment to ‘Real World Safety’, NISSAN pursues innovation as part of its Safety Shield concept. Based on the idea that cars should help protect people, advanced, proactive safety technologies help driver and passengers to avoid danger and injury.

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Interior restraint system includes 3-point seatbelts, impact absorbent material underfoot in the dashboard and the doors provide hip and limb protection. With dual airbags even on some entry grade models, the Nissan NP200 range offers the highest levels of safety. The no-compromise solution for your business and leisure needs.

Anti-lock Braking Systems-Vehicle Feature Image
Anti-lock Braking Systems

The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) helps prevent wheel lockup by pumping the brakes faster than you ever could during sudden-braking situations, helping you steer around obstacles to avoid a collision.

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The NP200 looks great, but not to thieves. That’s because we gave it an anti-theft system that uses a chip embedded in the key, which triggers a unique starting code that lets your vehicle know it’s you. So you can rest assured your NP200 will be right where you left it.

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